Monkey Boy

Every day I ask Julian to be a good little monkey, and every day, he tries to comply, though I must admit, this isn't exactly what I meant.

First, he climbs to the very top of the bars in the third floor window (bars we had installed because he was overfond of climbing into the window and banging hard on the glass)

Then he lets go.

Yes, he is hanging by only one arm. Yes he is wearing a bathrobe I just knit for him. No, he did not fall.

As you can see, I have stopped having heart attacks when I find him doing things like this. And I am grateful he has at least a year before he will be tall enough to practice his balance beam routine on the banisters.


Coeruleus said…
Well, I almost got a heart attack seeing him balance on the bannister!
boodafli said…
please to tell me where one can find the pattern for that effing cute bathrobe? because i just finished an 'outfit' (read:soaker and a tank top) and i'm feelin like the shizzknit, so a bathrobe sounds like a thing i'd like to try, and, that one is gorgeous.

boodafli said…
also? i'm grateful that we live in a 1 story ranch. because i'd need tons of valium to deal with that.
Anonymous said…
I would have had a heart attack. When I finally have children, they will live in bubbles wrap. Can you put in a bubble wrap lining into the bathrobe?

BTW at what point can we start pestering you to have more children, given that olivia is approaching her 1 year birthday, is it time for the heat to get back on you cuz? =)!

kim said…
Boys should come with warning labels and xanax. He is adorable and I love that robe.
Anonymous said…
That bathrobe is adorable, and the monkey man? Too funny. I think I'd have an anxiety attack if I saw my munchkin doing that!
karrie said…
Weird. I know I commented on this. Must have been sent to spam.

The robe is too cute. :)
Anonymous said…
Love it! The robe is the perfect color too - very monkey-ish.

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