Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Bad Checks

So, I was goofing around on the internet (following the links from one story to another) and found myself on the casual encounters page of Craig's List. Where I found this posting.


I'm a good looking guy who is dying to please a MILF... even better I love spoiling them :)

I have a lot to offer... who can keep up? how do you wanna be spoiled and pampered?

You wouldn't think this guy would have to resort to a personals ad, would you?

I have an urge to contact him now and have him clean the house, buy me a diamond necklace, and send me to a spa for a 3 hour massage. Or maybe he could do my hair and makeup and take me to afternoon tea at the Four Seasons. After all, he says he wants to spoil and pamper a MILF. (For the moment, we should ignore my negative opinions on the term MILF and just assume, for the sake of argument, that I qualify as such.)

Fred's response to this observation was, "What is a MILF? Can I contact him?"

No darling, I am afraid he is all mine.


Anonymous said…
Rubin had to explain to my dad what a MILF was at one point, remind me to tell you that story next time we're at my house.

This is proof that at least I read your blog as I am responding to content and not Anna's picture!

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