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Discover power beyond the possible AKA Day Thirty-One

We constantly seek validation Confirmation tat the path we walk is Correct, tat we are not trudging in the Wrong direction or chasing ghosts, but Who can tell us what is right? How do we know what is real? The perimeters of our World and the laws we Choose to impose, while Necessary, are suggestions and We cannot let them hold us Back. Would birds ever Have evolved from dinosaurs To soar through the sky If they had listened to gravity? Who can know if The road ahead will lead us Somewhere magical when all we know is Whence we came? All we can do is clasp the Hands of our fellow travelers and Thank them for keeping us company

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We must all become more involved and informed regarding the seismic shifts in how societies work, to navigate the reorganization of what we have traditionally known, to gain deeper understanding of the evolving technological landscape, to connect and interface with our chosen leaders and each other. that is how we create our revolution AKA Day Thirty

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Although nature often drastically alters objects, looking closely can reveal a wealth of information, piecing together past and present, raising questions about the embodiment of transformation AKA Day Twenty-Seven

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Obsession as as much to do with true love as a train wreck has to do with time travel AKA Day Twenty-Three

unacknowledged narratives of exclusion over time mights become invisible might in effect disappear AKA Day Twenty-Two

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