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Happy Holidays

Further Proof The End Is Nigh

I'm Dreaming Of A Drunk Christmas

Oh How I Love A Good Conspiracy Theory

Robots, They're Just Like You And Me


The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance

"Sometimes they have indescribable odors"

Adoption Gone Right

Adoption Gone Wrong

Sad News

Snow And Subsequent Fallout

Drag Kitty

You Got Philip Glass In My Sesame Street...

Oh, So That's What It Stands For...

Same Old, Same Old

Holiday Pictures A Go-Go

Not Quite What I Expected To Hear Before My First Cup Of Coffee This Morning

The Pillsbury Dough Boy Salutes Me

The Seven

Why Isn't There Anything Like This On Television Now?

Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires

What's All The Hoo Ha?

Those Dulcet Tones

While You Wait...

Say No To Violence

They Really Have Created A Quiz For Everything

You'd Think The Kid Has Been Watching Terminator

Buy Nothing Day

"I Don't Like Christopher Walken Always Telling Me What To Do..."

Toddler Rules

Just Like Snoopy's Doghouse

Technical Difficulties

The Internet Is For Porn

All My Love To Long Ago



You Might Think...

We've Got The Whole Wide World On The Web To Explore


Yeah, I'm Not All That Surprised Either

As If I Needed More Proof That I Am Getting Old, Part Two

As If I Needed More Proof That I Am Getting Old

Clumsier Than The Average Bear

Charm Attack

The Internet: A Hypochondriac's Best Friend

Music To Drink Tea By On A Chilly Fall Day