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Uncanny interactions occur across time, making startling connections. Enter a new dimension. AKA Day Twenty

At a time when authenticity is prized photography would seem to be the perfect truth AKA Day Nineteen

Once you eliminate the interruptions, your brain will reach a calmer state in about 15 minutes AKA Day Eighteen

The Butterfly Look Is My Ultimate Must Have AKA Day Seventeen

We immersed ourselves in the unpredictable and thrived AKA Day Sixteen

Society could be remade through means that are ephemeral AKA Day Fifteen

Somewhere Nowhere Nature is Space Place is symbolic Place is space imbued with human meaning. It comes and goes. It is not something fixed. It's precisely an endless kind of art

consider the enterprise of witnessing and culpability invasive surveillance our place in the world Which Side Are You On? AKA Day Thirteen

we exist in environments at much larger scales than we experience in our daily lives AKA Day Twelve

I Am What I Make Up AKA Day Eleven

All Manner Of Pleasures Have Become An Unlikely Obsession AKA Day Ten

Round and Round The Corpses Go As The Carousel Continues To Spin AKA Day Nine

Why would you trust your face to just anyone? AKA Day Eight

If Coachella had been a pit stop in Homer's Odyssey AKA Day Seven

The Smarter Way To Travel Around The World AKA Day Six

Wake Up Like This AKA Day Five

Rewrite your story AKA Day Four


but isn't it really just about falling in love AKA Day Two

New Research Finds Jupiter Is Flinging Asteroids At Earth

It's not about trying to look like everyone else AKA Day One

Just A Reminder...

Postcards and Poems AKA Fall 2019