Obsession as as much to do with true love as a train wreck has to do with time travel AKA Day Twenty-Three

That land of pain and longing
Once so familiar it almost
Felt like home, is now
So far away that I can't even return
Through music, I only catch
Glimpses and flickers in
Dreams. My memory is faulty
Deceptive and imperfect
Adds beauty and sparkle to
Feelings which, at the time,
Were almost boring and
Certainly unwanted,
In no way lovely. But the
Intensity of it all, I recall.
How much it hurt and how I
Thought that made it real. I
Believed I would live there
Forever, but time heals and
Change alters everything, until one day, I
Forget all the details and just see the
Space left by the ache that is no longer there.


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