All Hail Omnicef!

I am considering forming a cult dedicated to this lovely blue and purple pill. I imagine that this cephalosporin may require blood sacrifice, and I am not unwilling to climb to my roof at the solstice to smack mosquitos if that is what it will take to show my gratitude. Where just yesterday I was trapped on my sofa watching West Wing reruns with no energy or inclination to move and unable to swallow my own saliva without wincing in pain, today I have taken Julian to Gymboree where he frolicked atop bridges which seemed terribly precarious from my vantage point and I can swallow solid food with abandon. So much progress in less than twenty four hours. I have only taken three doses so far (eleven more to go.) Screw the concerns regarding antibiotic resistance, I think I need a permanent supply of this stuff if anyone expects me to make it through Julian's childhood with my tonsils intact.

I'll admit, my photo does not do this beautiful pill justice.

And you thought avoiding the moldy bits of cheese and bread was the healthy thing to do.


Anonymous said…
The Mighty Omnicef has been informed of your hail, and wishes you to know that you have his best wishes.

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