Spontaneous Meme!

Thanks to Stuntmother for this crazy ass meme: reach for the nearest book, turn to the 123 page, find the fifth sentence and post the next three.
"Henry," he said at last, "How long ago was it that his mother died?"
Grampa thought a bit. "It was...well, in July of last year. Almost a year ago now."
The book: The Curse of the Blue Figurine by John Bellairs. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have this sort of book lying on the floor of our office, but I went to the thrift store the other day and all Julian's Christmas books (or books I bought for his future reading years) are here. Is the book any good? I have no idea, but it was only a quarter, so I am willing to give it a shot for now (also, he is only two, I am guessing I have a few years before I need to review this one.)


Francesca said…
I loved House With a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellaire when I was young. There are two more after than but I forget their names. Let me know if this one is good. I'm pretty ready to throw over any pretensions to adulthood and only read children's books.

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