First Post of the Year: Quiz and the Resolutions

70% Geek

I am only slightly surprised by the outcome of this test.

My resolutions for the year are (in no particular order):

Make more vegetarian dinners
Try to do yoga every day
Spend less time mindlessly surfing the web
Write more and submit more for publication
Eat less cheese

I also thought I should update everyone on the tale of tiny sized skirt. While in California, I tried on a pair of jeans at Banana Republic in a size in which I always fit (I mean, I have pants from BR in smaller sizes than these jeans claimed to be) and I couldn't even get those jeans up over my butt. I thought the whole point of vanity sizing was to manipulate us into buying clothing because it tells us a story about ourselves which we desperately want to believe to be true, which would mean that any 2007/2008 new clothes in stores should not be smaller (measurement wise) than the clothes manufactured in 2002. Seriously, it makes no sense. And the sad thing is that I am more inclined to believe the story the jeans in the store told me about my body than the story the skirt is telling me. Why? Well, the jeans may or may not be truthful, but they are saying something about myself that I have believed to be true for over two decades, so no random skirt will convince me, especially when it is so obvious that the skirt, cute as it may be, is lying. But the good news is that with my less cheese/more yoga resolutions, I will be mentally evolved enough not to care that my butt has gotten smaller. Because that is the worst part of all this, that so many of us care about this stuff and let a number (be it on a piece of clothing, a scale, a birthday card) define how we think of ourselves.

However, given my result on another online quiz, one might think I should add "drink less" to that list of plans for the year.


However, we all know that my success on a test like this has less to do with the amount I drink and more to do with the amount of geek I am.


Judy said…
Well I scored 98% "alcoholic" on the booze test. Only one I missed was that beer was the oldest hooch. Figures - I hate the stuff.

I've made resolutions, but haven't listed them publicly. Maybe I should. Accountability and stuff.

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