Go Read This Blog

Not my blog, this one. Reasons why you should read Tracy's blog:

1) She is an amazing writer.

2) Cool pictures of projects and her beautiful daughters. And her beautiful daughters wearing her completed projects. And her animals wearing her completed projects.

3) Because she says the blog is for me!

A few things you should know:

1) Tracy is the reason I took up knitting (my mom had taught me when I was a child and I recall many incomplete projects that I attempted as a youngster. However, it was Tracy who dragged me into Fiber Works, the yarn store which used to be on Lincoln Avenue down the street from Wax Trax--oy, I am dating myself--and thus began the adult chapter of my knitting life).

2) We became friends in the fall of 1990. She was a freshman, living in Kerr, I was a sophomore, living off campus in a studio apartment at 18th and Hawthorne (i.e. not really walking distance from campus). Through a sequence of events, we ended up hanging around with the same group of people. We were roommates the following year and Tracy bore witness to many of the most embarrassing moments of my life (well, at least the ones that have taken place outside of a theatre). And she is still friends with me despite all of that.

3) Though she says the blog started as a letter to me, she never actually told me about it. If I hadn't noticed it on her Ravelry profile, I would never have known. Keep in mind, we do talk on the phone and exchange emails. So not only is this a blog for me, it is a secret blog for me. How cool is that?

I have a strong urge to write more about why Tracy is the coolest person in the world, but, unfortunately, Julian and I have to go make valentines for his school friends. one of these days, I will get all the memories down on paper or microchip. But today is not that day.


Tracy said…
Does this mean that I have to actually write something else on my blog? Will you read it?
alimum said…
yes, especially if I write about the person I was when we met.

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