Plan For Change

Please watch this. And before you scoff and say that all politicians say they are going to help the economy or that politicians lie you may want to read this article entitled Politicians Lie, Numbers Don't by Michael Kinsley
What these numbers show almost beyond doubt is that Democrats are better at virtually every economic task that is important to Republicans.

In other words, there are no figures here about income inequality, or percentage of the population with health insurance, or anything like that. This exercise implicitly assumes that lower taxes are always good and higher government spending is always bad. There is nothing here about how clean the air is or how many children are growing up in poverty. The only point is that if you find the Republican mantra of lower taxes and smaller government appealing, and if you care only about how fast the economy is growing, not how that growth is shared, you should vote Democratic. Of course, if you do care about things like economic inequality and children's health, you should vote Democratic as well.

Now, I realize that John McCain is now saying he supports regulation, I guess because recent events have opened his eyes to the damage that unfettered deregulation can cause. Unfortunately, it is hard to take John McCain seriously in this regard considering this is not his first exposure to this sort of thing; one would have thought the 3 billion dollars the Lincoln Savings and Loan bankruptcy cost taxpayers might have taught him something about the dangers of deregulation. In fact, he has said repeatedly that he learned from his experience, that it was this experience which turned him into the reformer he claims to be today. Yet, up until yesterday, he was a firm believer in deregulation. Personally, I am not convinced. John McCain has been saying a lot of untrue things as of late, about stuff as important as distorting Barack Obama's record to stuff as mundane as the number of people turning out to hear him speak, so it is hard to accept he might actually be telling the truth on this one. Why should I believe he suddenly gets it now when he never managed to get it before?


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