It Must Be True, A Computer Said So

Never mind that I hear Sandra Bullock often (though less lately as I think we are now aging differently) and Denise Richards never, my features are 83% similar to both of theirs (though not necessarily the same features).

I have known about this website's feature for years, but I don't think it ever occurred to me to post this here (though maybe I did and I have forgotten because everything eventually blends together. I can't tell you the number of times I will hear a song and then say, "I already talked about that, didn't I?" and then I find out I didn't, but the moment has passed). Anyway, I was reminded of this because, over on Facebook, people are posting photos of celebrities that they get told they look like and, well, I like to back all this up with empirical evidence.

Go upload a photo of yourself at and find out who the computer thinks you look like.

P.S. I know, it is cheating to upload a headshot (on both my and the celebrities' parts) so maybe I'll try uploading a passport picture or my new driver's license picture. Of course, my vanity will not allow me to upload that collage. And they are comparing faces, not bodies, so it isn't like I'm suddenly issue free or anything.


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