An Ad You Won't See During The Super Bowl

You will, however, see an advertisement wherein a talented athlete and his mother discuss his mother's choice not to terminate her pregnancy. What is ironic about the advertisement is that it is sponsored by a group whose goal is to prevent other people from being able to make choices regarding what is best for them and their families. Why are they co-opting the language of their opponents? I really can't say, but my suspicion is that many people who oppose government intervention with regards to health care and banking regulations may have a problem with the idea of that same government intervening in their reproductive decisions. So instead of Focus on the Family saying what they really want, which is to end a medical practice with which they disagree, they try to characterize their position as protecting the rights of women like Pam Tebow to not to have an abortion. Except that no one advocates forcing women to have abortions, so this is extremely deceptive on their part.

Knowing this doesn't change the fact that I am always inspired by stories of people lived when doctors thought they wouldn't. So, if you are like me and find yourself inspired by Pam Tebow's story and her choice, consider making a donation to the organization which is dedicated to protecting a woman's right to decide what happens to her body and make smart reproductive decisions for themselves: Planned Parenthood.


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