Got A Lion In My Pocket And Baby He's Ready 2 Roar

This song never gets old, even though its title is, by very definition, dated (and I know I have posted it before, but the context was entirely different, which I only proves how entirely awesome a song it is).

You must forgive me for being blase when it comes to end of the world predictions. I've heard it all before, but when all was said and done, Skynet did not gain self-awareness on August 29, 1997, alien invasion did not occur on July 5, 1998, and Y2K didn't even merit a blue screen of death. Not to mention I made it to adulthood without suffering through a nuclear apocalypse (something I never would have believed as an adolescent, back when the Cold War was still going strong and mutually assured destruction often seemed to be the only thing keeping world leaders from pushing the button). I just can't get worked up because someone says he has calculated that the Bible guarantees that the end is nigh, so send him all your money. However, on the off chance that the Rapture does happen tomorrow, I expect every one of you, be ye sinner or saint, to get your party on tonight. Just in case.


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