Looking For Outrage

So in reading stories about the murder of Christopher Lane, I have stumbled upon comments along the lines of "Where is Obama now? Hah! Reverse Racism!" And while I would ordinarily write this off as typical internet trolling, I encountered something of the sort on my Facebook news feed--yes, it was a bit more nuanced, asking instead why there was no outrage for this murder and suggesting that race played a role in the murder. Except they linked to an article which never mentioned race, though pictures of the perpetrators and the victim were displayed. And because it is someone I know and love asking these questions, I can't just ignore them.

"Where is the outrage for Christopher Lane?"

Well after he was found shot, law enforcement made an effort to track down his killers AND FOUND THEM, arrested them, and will be charging them with murder and this was all done BEFORE the national media picked up the story. So, to sum up, if you feel there has not been enough public outrage expressed for this murder (which was not the only murder to happen last Friday, or in the days since), perhaps it is because the criminal justice system seems to be doing its job in this case so there is no need for public outrage. However, I would completely disagree that there is no public outrage. This story about a murder that occurred in some small town in Oklahoma has been distributed nationally, partially because Christopher Lane was an attractive baseball player and a foreign national, but mainly because of the heinous details of the crime. A lot of other people have been murdered since Friday and I haven't seen any articles about them. Obviously this is not the same as people staging protests or politicians speaking out about the case, but then, the specifics of this crime and the response by law enforcement do not seem to warrant such actions.

"So, where are those who marched for Trayvon?"

The only comparison that one can make between Trayvon Martin and Christopher Lane is that they were both young athletes who were gunned down on the streets of a town which was not their own. But if you want to suggest that this is an apples to apples comparison and there is some great lesson to be learned about racism in America, try this on for size: Christopher Lane's murderers will likely go to prison, Trayvon Martin's did not.

"Where's all the FB chit chat?"

Ask and ye shall receive.

But since we are asking questions, I want to know where the outrage is for Kelly Coca, Carla Eguez, Carlton Brown, Kyle Hogan, Antoine Green, and all the other people profiled here?


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