Laundry Day

This is what laundry day looks like when you own a ridiculous number of black dresses. Because, of course, I can't throw the dresses in the dryer. In fact, I think the manufacturers would all attack me for throwing them in the front load washer on delicate with Woolite Dark, but I am a snob and don't entirely trust the dry cleaning.

I have a bag of five black dresses I am going to sell to Disgraceland or give to charity. I was excited that I managed to choosed five dresses with which I could part. I know, the fact that I have never worn them should make it easy to delete these from the closet. Should being the operative word. The problem with having any sort of collection is that the collection takes on life of its own and one hangs onto items solely because they add to the collection, even if the item in question adds nothing but its presence. Fred was not terribly encouraged by my bag of clothes, observing that I was just intending to buy more black dresses to take their place. Which is probably true (screw the probably part, now that nanowrimo is over, I have all this time and the thirft store is just sitting there, calling to me). I guess we know what he won't be buying me for Christmas this year (not that I was expecting anything anyway as we don't exchange gifts, but still...)

I know I am not getting anyone's sympathy with this post, but do you have any idea how annoying it is to have this many clothes and to still feel like I have nothing to wear? I blame motherhood. Back in my pre-child days, clothes were not a problem. But now, well, no matter how informal the black dress, chances are it is still too dressy for the playground.


Francesca said…
While I totally respect that this is a problem, it's one I wish I had. I think you are going to be my inspiration for a closet full of black dresses which I will wear with boots to the playground and just get them dirty and bugger it.

Really -- why the hell not?
Judy said…
While I don't have the same problem (black dresses) I can sympathize with the too many clothes, too few places to wear them.

I once counted, and I have something like 50 pair of underwear, 30 PJ tank tops, and too many pair of socks. It's ridiculous.

And I have a walk-in closet full of jeans, long sleeve shirts, and sweaters (and dresses), and we live in a very warm climate, so I've only now been able to use any of them.
Lydia Netzer said…
HEY! I was so busy doing Nano that I haven't been checking around my fave blogs, and I missed the fact that YOU WERE DOING NANO! Congratulations!!! I finished too. Good for us. We are completely great. *smug*
Anonymous said…
Those would so totally be covered in cat hair on laundry day here... I have to creatively hang stuff to dry. No place appears to be sacred, especially to the white male kitty I have. Bad news for my little black dresses, tops, pants, etc. Ergh.
Anonymous said…
Where are the guys? REPRESENT!
Anonymous said…
It is hard to find the clothes that feel right for daily motherhood.

Congratulations on NANO. That is awesome!
Anonymous said…
I know EXACTLY how you feel with the whole not having anything to wear. Motherhood does that to you. What's nice enough to wear but you won't care too much if it gets kid stuff on it? Dilemma for sure!

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