Oh My Precious

Think you can resist the lure of Christmas? Think you can't be turned into a gibbering, drooling, cackling materialist? Yeah, Smeagol thought so too, just before he found the ring. So there I was, thinking about how Santa will be filling Julian's stocking with oranges and apples and that I would be telling him that Christmas was about more than stuff, when I saw these Swarovski crystal studded shoes on sale (except in silver, which look even more fabulous) and, suddenly, it was like a mirror was held up and I saw myself for who I really am. Now, in books and movies, when a big "see how you are" revelation occurs, the receiver of said revelation usually goes on to dedicate his or her life to making the world a better place or they go completely nuts. I am too busy admiring my feet in the crystal shoes to go mad and, while I want the world to be a better place, I must insist that the shoes not be harmed. Tomorrow I will tell you all about the organizations to whom we plan to send the money we won't be spending on Christmas gifts. Today, however, I wanted to talk about the shoes.


Judy said…
Um, yeah, bad humanitarian.

I want those shoes too. I'm sure they'd look great with sweats and a tank top at the playground, right?

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