Accident Waiting To Happen

Our kitchen windowsill. We have some blue bottles lined up along the back. Those are two goldfish and bamboo which I acquired at a bridal shower this past weekend.

Simon, our cat.

Broken blue glass bottle in our trash.

The fish are still alive (for now).


Anonymous said…
Lol..tell the fish their days are numbered!
boodafli said…
i waited for a little bit, before i scrolled down. i was seriously nervous about the fish. it's obvious, that i need a nap. and then a beer. or maybe, a beer, and then a nap. and i don't even like beer. anyway. glad your fish are still swimmin. (musta been a 'lucky' bamboo. what makes them 'lucky'? compared to other bamboo, i mean?)
Judy said…
I'm wishing the fish well. I would tell them to make sure they have their estates in order, just in case.

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