Baby Docs

I suspect that when he is older, Julian may consider the toddler sized Doc Martens to be one of my better thrift store finds (yes, they cost me all of $2). At least I hope he does. I personally adore these little boots. Yep, Julian will grow up thinking "Your mama wears combat boots" is some sort of compliment. Sadly, the punk rock clothing seems to be giving him the punk rock attitude when it comes to cleaning up his toys (of course, that also could be called normal behavior for a toddler).


karrie said…
Oh! Must have those boots!

I have a pair of octopi slip on Vans that are just a little large for Max. I cannot wait for him to be able to wear them. So silly!
OhTheJoys said…
You totally rocked the thrift store!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness. LOVE the boots.

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