Music Meme

Karrie tagged me with this music meme.

Guidelines: list seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. Billy Bragg Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards

The original circa 1988

and updated for today ("I don't believe we can defeat no "Axis of Evil" by putting smart bombs in the hands of dumb people")

2. The Editors Munich

3. Robyn Hitchcock I Saw Nick Drake



4. Pulp Disco 2000


Common People

5. Roddy Frame Crossing Newbury Street

6. U2 If God Will Send His Angels

7. The Police Synchronicity II I am looking forward to seeing this song performed live. (Yeah, I got tickets. Thank you, Joel, I owe you.)

OK, so now I must tag seven people.

Alright, I tag all of you. If you haven't already been tagged for this meme, consider yourself tagged. I have already blogged about how the only thing worse than being tagged for a meme is not being tagged for a meme. So if you are reading this and you haven't already blogged this meme, I want to know what music you are listening to. Tag, you're it.


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