I am suffering from writer's block right now, and it seems the only way I can communicate is through videos from my formative years. YouTube is my muse right now.

I was reading stuntmother's recent post (which was inspired by all the blogging that is being done about Linda Hirshman) and I was reminded that salary.com did estimate the value of a stay-at-home-mom and determined that a SAHM would earn, on average, $131,471 if she did her job in the job market. Which is pretty impressive, I think (it's more than I ever actually made in the job market). I went to salary.com and found that they have a calculator which will factor in one's individual specifics (zip code, actual hours spent on certain jobs, etc).

If paid, the typical stay-at-home-mom in my zip code would make $146,048. Even when I factor in my incompetence with regards to housekeeping and my fondness for raw (i.e. no cooking required) food, my yearly salary is calculated to be $116,668. This is more than I ever made in the actual job market.

This is not unlike the moment when I realized that the words being sung in this song were "I wanna be adored" and not "I wanna be a door" as I had previously thought. (I had previously spent a lot of time pondering the philosophical implications of wanting to be a door, an entryway or an exit, or perhaps, an opportunity--and this was years before Neverwhere.) Maria claims that she was even worse, thinking Ian Brown was singing "I wanna be a dored" and wondering what the heck a dored was.

No wonder I have writer's block.

Oh hell, I hear the cat throwing up. On second thought, I probably should add more hours worked as a janitor.


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