Some People

I am so angry by the selfishness of this man. He put hundreds (if not thousands) of other people at risk and constantly evaded authorities, and then "decided to sneak home, flying from Prague to Montreal and then driving to New York, because he feared he would die without treatment in the U.S." So a Paris wedding and European honeymoon is more important than getting treatment and his desires trump the health of every person he encountered along the way, but only when he was found by authorities did he suddenly realize that he had a life threatening illness, so he ran away from authorities because he needed treatment. Right. And the worst part is he has technically broken no laws so the only recourse any of us have is to shame him publicly. Let's tattoo the letters TB to his forehead. Not that it should phase him. I mean, it wasn't like he cared enough about the public to do the right thing in the first place.

You know, when I was younger, I always assumed that diseases were spread by people who didn't know they were sick and that many bacteria/viruses had evolved to be at their most contagious before one's body began to exhibit symptoms of infection. Because no one would be so rude as to spread chicken pox, scarlet fever, chlamydia, et al. Clearly, I was naive.


Anonymous said…
OMG, thank you, Alimum. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Dude, it's not YOUR health that's at's the other passengers'. You don't know who might be HIV+, or just have underwent a blistering round of chemo, or whatever. And just because your doctor doesn't ban you from flying outright doesn't mean you lose your moral compass. Didn't his mother teach him anything?!

That said, I am guilty of taking a flight from Chicago to Philly 72 hours after coming down with chickenpox. I'd just moved here at age 18, and my snotty-ass dorm kicked me out until I was better. Trouble is, I had no place to go. I did have parents of a friend in Portage, IN who were willing to take me in for a week, but they couldn't get me until the next day -- which was apparently not soon enough for the authority-drunken RA's in charge. Anyway, I covered my mouth and nose, and I was three days' into a garden-variety case of the 'pox, so hopefully nobody caught it.

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