"We Are Looking For Cadas and Pumas"

Julian was very excited to try out these shoes I found at the Salvation Army the other day for $2 (we told him he could wear shoes like the ones his daddy and his uncle, Jeff, wear). So we went for a long walk last night, on a hunt to find the cicadas and pumas and lions and doggies and butterflies and cats--Julian is very goal and animal oriented on our evening walks--and I asked him what he thought of the new shoes.

"They are good for jumping over dog poop," he replied.

Already a city kid.

P.S. He cried when we got home, having found no cicadas or pumas. He could not be consoled by the memory of all the dogs we saw on walks or the decorative lions embedded in someone's gate. Even the pumas on the shoes could not make him happy.


Why is it they only remember the negative parts? My 3 yr old can happily play with a kid for hours and only remember the part when the kid took a toy away.

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