U2-In God's Country, Iraq War

Five years ago, a friend was staying with us and she wanted to go to an Irish bar on St. Patrick's Day. We ended up at a place near DePaul University which was filled with college students. At one point, the music was turned down so we could hear the president speak (it's funny, you can find everything on youtube, but I can't find that speech) and then it was turned back up so that people could drink away their panic to music. I ended up sitting in the bathroom with a group of girls who were scared because they had relatives who were serving in the military. We all kept repeating the phrase, "I hope we are doing the right thing."

Some people supported the war.

Some people who opposed the war.

We all hoped it would turn out okay.

NONE of us expected the war would last this long. NONE of us expected so many people to die. None of us expected it to cost this much.

Five years later, we are still in Iraq, approximately 85,000 Iraqis and close to 4,000 American service men and women have been killed. People who might be alive today if only we had made a different decision (I say might because none of us can know what would have happened).

I am adding the following ticker to my sidebar:

Now I really need a drink. At least it is St. Patrick's Day.


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