When The Bullet Hits The Bone

I know, I have been abusing YouTube lately and many of you are wondering when I will get back to writing about something other than the music of my youth or politics or the bizarre intersection of the music of my youth with politics (alright, that last one hasn't happened yet, but just you wait, my pretties, I will find a way). I promise I will write about other things as soon as this current bout of writer's block and laziness passes. Until then, however, I give you this little gem, which reminds us all why we loved videos so much back in the early days of MTV. With its surreal storyline filled with intrigue and violence, gratuitous and brief female nudity, and leather clad dominatrices who perform a high kicking dance number before moving the plot along, it is chock full with what came to be cliches of eighties videos. This was one of the first videos, so it set the standard from which all those later videos derived their imagery.

Twilight Zone-Golden Earring

This was playing in Trader Joe's the other day and I found myself dawdling so I would have an excuse to hear it in its entirety.

As I watch it now, I am also reminded of an episode of The Untouchables in which a friend of mine had a role as a guy who ended up receiving a Sicilian Necktie from Al Capone. Not that the singer from Golden Earring looks anything like my friend (either in real life or in costume for the show), but the sense of doom hanging over his head is not dissimilar.


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