Life's A One Take Movie

I should be preparing for my audition, but instead, I am procrastinating on YouTube.

In case you were wondering, Roddy Frame is more compelling than Men's Gymnastics (digression: is anyone else freaked out by Tim Daggett's highly groomed eyebrows? Is anyone else watching those Claritin ads and thinking Shannon Miller was so much cuter before she had plastic surgery?)

On any other day, I could wax profound for many pages on the meaning of this song in my life, but right now, I am giddy and can't think of anything to say. Neither of the scenes I am preparing require me to cry, but I'm saving up my tears and everything else, just in case.


Judy said…
Argh! Embedded videos won't load for me half the time - there's just nothing there. Drives me crazy!

Break a leg!

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