Yes We Could, Yes We Did

I am overwhelmed with happiness, hope, and pride.

Note: I snagged the above image from this cafepress retailer, in case you are interested in getting a t-shirt, mug, or fridge magnet.


Judy said…
Oh, yes, we did. You did!

I cried when they made the networks called it. I cried when I saw Michelle. I cried again during his speech, talking of a 106-year-old woman who was born before women had the right to vote. I cried when Turner woke up right after the speech. I cried again this morning watching his speech again.

Wow. My husband said this was the first time in his life (and he first voted in 1980, against Reagan) that he voted FOR someone, and not against someone else.

The whole world feels different today.
Judy said…
And this area, where I was so afraid from everything I was hearing (and that McCain/Palin signs and stickers seemed to outnumber Obama/Biden ones 2 or 3 to 1) would NOT support Obama? Close to 70% support for Obama!

Also, have you seen this:

over at Pundit Kitchen? Made me cry again.
Coeruleus said…
This is so great.

Yes. We. Can.

And we just did. And we will.

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