Undead Undead Undead

Yes, I, too, was into the undead when I was a teenager and I never needed any of that "skin sparkling" crap to lure me in (though I am not sure if that makes me more hardcore or less smart, as these things go) and, of course, I thought I was so special and different, knowing that not only wouldn't my parents understand, most of the other kids at school wouldn't either.

But, self-absorbed teenager that I once was or not, you cannot deny that Bauhaus was great (well you can deny it, but I will fight you). And, if it hadn't been for Bauhaus, I wouldn't have been able to appreciate one of the funniest email forwards I have ever received. It was from Maria, and she sent it to me knowing that I would love it. It was entitled Bela Lugosi's Shed and I have no idea who deserves the credit for the following piece of brilliance:

takita takita takita
takita takita takita
Doom doom doom

Felt on pine,
Translucent glass panes.
Black plastic bags...
Bela Lugosi's shed.
He keeps his lawnmover in there, with all his spades and rakes.
Fresh cuttings line the grassbox.
Bela Lugosi's Shed

A shed A shed A shed

The ever-pruning gardeners file past his blooms
Deadheading time's dead flowers
Snip off the deathly blooms
A loam in a darkened soil
Bela Lugosi's Shed
A Shed A Shed A Shed .

Oh Bela Bela's Old Shed

Oh Bela Bela's Old Shed


Anonymous said…
Answering the "who's responsible" bit of your blog, 'twas originally seen on Usenet, circa 1999 in uk.people.gothic ... came across your blog looking for the orignal (which I remember being posted first time round :-) ).

You can find it here:

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