A Very Disconnected, Disjointed Post Ruminating Upon She Sells Sanctuary

Jenny S. had an enormous crush on Ian Astbury when we were in high school. She told me she thought The Cult made the sexiest music ever and assumed this would be the sound track to her sex life, but then when she tried to fool around with this in the background, she was too distracted by the music to focus on the matter at hand.

On my wedding day, I was having my makeup done by Judie, who was so much more punk rock than I could ever dream of being, and ranting about this music being used to sell cars. And yet, doesn't this just sound like freedom? Like the American Dream of riding with the wind blowing through our hair as we speed toward the future? In retrospect, it sounds like everything sex and adulthood promised to be, though I would have to agree with Jenny that those guitar riffs are far too alluring to be relegated to the background.


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