Yes, I Sometimes Try To Be Funny

So for a while I have been saying that someone (SNL, Second City, et al) should do a "Decision 2016 Presidential Debate: Palin vs. Blagojevich" spoof.

in light of recent events, I have decided that someone should write a romance novel/Lifetime Movie based on this premise:
He was a tough city kid trying to make his immigrant steelworking dad proud.
She was a small town girl trying to prove she was more than just another runner up from a beauty pageant.
At first, the only thing they seemed to have in common was their enormous self-love and sense of victimhood, but they each came to realize that their outsized sense of entitlement could only be satisfied by the other.
In a world of rules and regulations meant to protect the citizenry from corruption, they would not be contained, spending other people's money in all fifty states.
Sarah Palin
Rod Blagojevich
Not Without My Aqua Net: A Tale of Two Governors
Of course, considering that both Sarah and Rod have scoffed at the accusations leveled against them as being distractions from the real problems, Fox News could always create a reality TV show with Sarah and Rod where they must go undercover to "bust the real bad guys" in politics:
Once upon a time, there were two little kids who went to the governors office: One from Chicago, the other from Alaska. And they were each assigned very hazardous duties (show them having to sign legislation, kiss babies), but I took them away from all that, and now they work for me, my name is Rupert.
Come on, you know you would pay good money to see them disguised as nuns and/or having to infiltrate the roller derby.


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