Chasing Youth

In terms of measuring up to the first time I saw U2 26+ years ago it is hard to know if anything is even capable of such a feat. I mean, as first concerts go, that blew anything I could have imagined away. And it is unlikely I will ever again be front row center for U2, so it goes without saying the Vertigo show I saw in the fall of 2005 may never be topped, but then, they probably could have read the phone book and I would have been beside myself with glee. However, all this being said, last night came pretty close.

Yeah, this isn't Roddy Frame in a church basement, but what would I do with Bono in a church basement anyway? Some rock stars are meant to be viewed from afar.

And when the rain came at the very end, I realized that even Mother Nature was conspiring to make the evening one which could never be replicated.


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