Thursday, August 21, 2008

When You Say It's Gonna Happen Now, Well When Exactly Do You Mean?

Because this blog is old and I feel I must have mentioned everything that has ever happened to me by now, so stop me if you think that you've heard this one before (I'm sorry, really, I didn't start that sentence with the intention of doing that, but once I saw the opportunity, I couldn't resist). My friend Milan once said that by making a reference to a Morrissey song while trying to deny that I was goth, I thereby proved that I was every bit goth. Which is funny, considering that I would never have considered liking The Smiths or Morrissey as a sign of gothness (after all, they aren't Bauhaus).

I am only a few sentences in and I have already wandered so far from my original intentions with regards to this post that I am afraid I can't gracefully get to where I want to be. I can either take the long meandering path before me and hope I end up somewhere good, or I can ignore the mud and "keep off the grass" signs and tromp across to the original trail.

What is truly great about The Smiths (moreso than Morrissey's solo work) is how their songs really manage to encompass all aspects of despair in such a way as to render it unnecessary for one to add anything further. Twenty years ago, I don't think I would have thought I would be using this song to describe my feelings regarding my career (because, back then, I considered this to be strictly descriptive of social awkwardness and romantic despair), but doesn't that further prove the greatness of The Smiths?

See I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

So, yeah, this is how I am feeling about the acting career right now. Which is an improvement from this morning, when I was singing I Know It's Over as I made coffee. Just think, if my mood keeps improving at this rate, I may be singing Katrina and the Waves by Christmas.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life's A One Take Movie

I should be preparing for my audition, but instead, I am procrastinating on YouTube.

In case you were wondering, Roddy Frame is more compelling than Men's Gymnastics (digression: is anyone else freaked out by Tim Daggett's highly groomed eyebrows? Is anyone else watching those Claritin ads and thinking Shannon Miller was so much cuter before she had plastic surgery?)

On any other day, I could wax profound for many pages on the meaning of this song in my life, but right now, I am giddy and can't think of anything to say. Neither of the scenes I am preparing require me to cry, but I'm saving up my tears and everything else, just in case.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I let Julian pick out his clothes the other day and this is what he chose to wear. Yes, those are long sleeves. Yes, it was 80 degrees outside. No, he wouldn't consider changing into something more comfortable.

Aren't kids supposed to rebel against their parents' sartorial tastes?

Unexpected Interest

I haven't been blogging much this summer (or, for that matter, this year). I could blame all the addictive Facebook word games for taking away valuable blogging time, or all the sturm und drang of modern life for making me less motivated, or the knitting projects because I can't type and knit at the same time, or Doctor Who for filling my brain with all sorts of ideas which I hesitate to bother you with since you probably don't watch. Except Scrabulous has been removed from Facebook, stress was never a problem before, I should have more to show for all the knitting I am allegedly doing, and your lack of interest in Doctor Who has never stopped me from yammering on about it before (not to mention that I know of at least one person who is waiting to hear my thoughts on love, loss, and series/season 4).

So I was surprised that Michelle, fellow blogger, mom who likes to argue, and Word Twist competitor, gave me a shout out on her blog and an award. An award which, for some reason, I cannot seem to upload here. Thank you. And in accepting this I must share the love. Tracy has resurected her blog--if you haven't read it yet, go now. She is brilliant and wonderful. Judy always awes me with her SuperMom powers. Francesca is still doing her own stunts, though under a different name.

The only thing I am doing less than blogging is acting. Haven't done anything remotely like acting in forever (unless you count hogging the stage at a Karaoke bar a few weeks back, which I don't). I haven't even auditioned for a theatre in over a year. So I was completely and utterly gobsmacked to receive a callback audition (I mean, don't you have to go to the general auditions first?) for next week. I hesitate to discuss it in detail because I am superstitious and the more I learn about it, the more I find I really want it.