Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Shoes: Red Suede Vintage Vogue

Maria gave me these shoes in 1999 because they were slightly too large for her. While you may be wondering what she was thinking giving these up, it makes some sense if you consider Maria has always had at least twice as many shoes as I and this was back when she referred to three inch heels as "running shoes." Not only were these too big for her feet, she may have seen these heels as on the low side. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Shoes: Red Flower Fabric Heels

Another pair of red flower heels.

I found these at Salvation Army a couple years ago. Of course I clutched them to my chest as my eyes darted furtively to other shoppers, fearful they would snatch these beauties from my grasp (yes, stepping into a thrift store is exactly like becoming a character in an overwrought romance/spy novel, why do you think I enjoy it so much?)

These are surprisingly comfortable, despite being strappy and high heeled.

What they are not, however, is practical. These would be destroyed in a rainstorm and my feet would turn blue if I tried to wear them in winter (which, as far as my chronically icy feet are concerned, begins at Labor Day and ends at Memorial Day, just like the rule about not wearing white). So despite my love for them, I have never worn these in public. Yet. I have dreams of a future summer soirée and, in those dreams, these are on my feet.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shoes: Red Fabric Rosette Slippers

I have no idea how or when I acquired these. It is entirely possible that my shoes, left to their own devices, have begun to reproduce in the dark of my closet. Or maybe I have an infestation of elves. Either way, why look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when said horse is bearing a pair of never worn (except perhaps on carpet so as not to mar the soles) vintage slippers?

These photos are the only time I have ever worn these as, alas, life in the 21st century is sadly lacking in opportunities to swan around in decorative slippers.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shoes: Red Leather Rose Heels

When we went to London for Christmas in 2002, our hotel was near a shoe store which had the most amazing black sueded pumps with a red suede rose placed off center from the vamp. I once went into the store to ask the price, which was a number that was just high enough to dissuade me from trying them on, but not so high that I haven't spend the last twelve years thinking I should have just spent the money and bought the shoes, if only I had known that I would never see them again, anywhere. In the back of my mind, I thought the shoes were so lovely, surely everyone would be making shoes like that in a matter of months. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

I tell you this to help you understand the ridiculous amount of excitement I felt when I stumbled upon these shoes at Salvation Army. Red leather rose heels! And they fit me perfectly! I can't remember how much they cost (under $10 is a safe assumption), but I have a feeling I would have paid whatever amount was stapled to them.

Here they are on my feet.

These are not the most comfortable shoes in the world as they are high and the wooden footbed is unforgiving, but they do not squish my toes and every time I wear them I get complements.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shoes: An Introduction

A year or so ago, I was attempting to organize the shoes in my closet (believe it or not, it is filled with more than just black dresses) and, not for the first time, I realized that I wear a very small percentage of the footwear I own. I just don't have many opportunities to swank around in high heels and, alas, as I age, I seem to be veering towards comfort when it comes to situations where no one will even see my feet.

At the same time, I was bemoaning my inability to write regularly and thinking I needed a random project to motivate me. I couldn't even get myself to post about music anymore.

But I do have this blog and a history of documenting wearable items. Chocolate, meet peanut butter.

Of course, I didn't do anything right away. I was busy, I didn't have a decent camera, my feet weren't pretty right now, maybe I'd start in September, after school started and I got a pedicure. September came and went and I dithered long enough to read about why I can never get a pedicure ever again, and still no shoe blogging. We got a good camera and then I retired my flip phone and joined the 21st century, but I failed to take nary a photo of my footwear. But the idea nagged at me, whenever I bought a new pair of shoes it would remind me of its existence and make me feel guilty about what a slacker I am. If I couldn't even do this, is it any wonder that my current novel languishes in its unfinished state?

Which brings me to today. A Saturday like any other, except for some reason, I decided today was the day to start this thing and I would even try writing on the phone (which is weird and I feel it alters my voice, as if the different medium changes the way my brain constructs thoughts and sentences).

Here is how it will work: I will post pictures of shoes along with random pieces of information which may or may not be related to the footwear in question. I have no idea how long this will take. Yes, much like my black dress project, it will hopefully demonstrate how materialism can be transformed into something more by the emotional connection we feel for our possessions and the sympathetic magic that imbues them over time. Or maybe it will just be the unself-aware prattle of a privileged individual who wants to justify her frivolous spending habits. At the very least, I am following through on my assertion that I am not a hoarder, I am saving this for an art project.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

All It Is Missing Is That Disembodied Voice

As you may imagine given past observations I have made here and performed elsewhere, I am very annoyed that I never thought of making a video like this.

And a quick perusal of YouTube reveals no one as yet has made a mashup of the Doctor visiting Teletubbyland--Comparing the Daleks to the Teletubbies is a good start, but it really doesn't begin to take advantage of all the opportunities for humor and mayhem provided by landing the blue police box in that strange totalitarian miniature golf course of a world. Think about it-Timey Wimey, Tinky Winky...

And while we are on the topic of totalitarian states with manicured lawns, another good mashup that no one has done thus far would be The Prisoner set in Teletubbyland (I mean, it practically is already). Come on internet, get on this already.