Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Knowledge

One time Freshman year (i.e. back before the Internet), one of my roommates asked me what the lyrics were to the second verse of Que Sera Sera. When I said I had no idea, she said, "I just assumed you would know. That's the sort of stuff you know." She had only known me a short time and still she had grokked I was a repository for useless trivia (like Marshall on In Plain Sight except female and able to speak in something other than a monotone). For reasons which I am sure neuroscientists are aware, but I am not, my brain relegates song lyrics and factlets to my long term memory while stubbornly refusing to retain math formulas and French vocabulary (of course, I sometimes suspect it is less a matter of retention and more a matter of access. I fantasize that if someone were to hypnotize me, Je me révélerais pour être un mathématicien brillant. And I would cluck like a chicken). Of course, it is also possible that a big part of the reason I remember incidental trifles is because I enjoy them and believe them to be important windows into a greater understanding of the world. So you can only imagine my joy when boingboing pointed me to the Best of Wikipedia Tumblr page. So while the future may not be ours to see, technology provides us with rainbows day after day.

Oh, and if for some reason you are still typing two spaces after a period, you need to stop.