Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We finally have a president who represents all of us.

I can't explain to Julian why I keep bursting into tears today. It is too much to expect a four year old to understand. When he is old enough to understand, he will see the world through eyes which consider it normal to have a person of any race, any religion, any gender be president. He will look back on this time that came before today in much the same way that I look at the civil rights movement, as something so removed from his experience of the world that it is hard to believe that it happened in his parents' lifetime, in his lifetime. Just as I cannot comprehend that my mom encountered whites only bathrooms or that her marriage to my dad was illegal in some states, he will not be able to comprehend a society where untruthful lies about a candidate would be given credence by a significant chunk of the electorate simply because of his name and skin color. It will feel like ancient history to him. So I keep telling him that someday he will understand that these are tears of joy and hope and pride.

Also, when people ask where his where his grandmother is from, he won't have too much trouble explaining where Zanzibar is (it's an island off the coast of Tanzania, just south of Kenya...everyone now knows where Kenya is, right?)

Now the real work begins.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Out of Touch

Yes, it has taken me this long to come across this picture. See what losing a laptop does to a girl? Sure, I no longer have an internet addiction, but I also no longer know what is going on in the world. Fire in Boulder? Totally didn't know about that until I talked to Dan while he was witnessing the blaze from his may-or-may-not-have-been- evacuated workplace. Riots in Oakland? Only found out about it tonight (and here I was, worrying Maria wasn't returning my calls because of something I said). And it takes me paging through InTouch at Kid City to run across this picture.

Not only am I out of the loop, I am once again reminded that I will never be as fabulous as RuPaul.