Maiden Voyage

I have avoided creating a blog for some time now. My fear was that I would become attached to this, that I would write here and then would avoid writing in the real world, that this opportunity for naval gazing and exposure would serve as yet another internet procrastination tool (cheaper than ebay, more self-involved than message boards.) But the truth is that I haven't been doing much writing in the real world. All my projects are gathering dust. I underestimated the amount of mental energy I needed and foolishly thought that I could somehow succesfully juggle motherhood with my desire for artistic brilliance. I need an outlet and I need something external to motivate me. So here I am using Julian's naptime to create a blog. Perhaps it will prove to have been a wise decision, I may create more than I ever planned. Perhaps I will grow bored with this medium and will cease to post. Who can say?


Coeruleus said…

I am Sir Oolius! And I will add this blog to my blogroll later this afternoon.
purrl said…
Blog ho, my fellow blog-ho! I'm glad to see you on the high seas of the Blogosphere. Yes, I know, I hate that word too, yet it's so descriptive.
Anonymous said…
Oh so *this* is what you do while the rest of us are, uh... on the internet.

I thought the real world was the one with the Sholes and Glidden typewriters and the pneumatic message tubes.

I don't think it matters where you write. Just that you write.

Of course you know that 73% of life is created during naptimes and in temp agency breakrooms.

And when Julian begins to talk and asks "Mom? When I nap... is there a world?", you can say "Yes. And it takes notes."

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