Sparkly Snowscapes

The Winter Olympics have ended and there are only two more episodes of this season's Project Runway. Then it is back to not watching television (save the occasional Law and Order rerun) and not thinking about sequins. I fell asleep before the closing ceremonies were broadcast, so if there were any fabulous Moschino designed alpine cake dresses, I did not get to see them.


Wiz Knitter said…
*sigh* No more Apolo Ohno and his silly soul patch. No more Sean White and his adorable skatepunk-ness, no more cuter-than-cute Joey Cheek (don't you just want to take him home to Mummy?), no more Dick Button (at least for four more years, the man will never die), no more Bode Miller commercials (thank GOD, talk about the most over-rated man in sports.)

I love the Olympics. I love the Italians and their terrible taste in pop music. I love men in tights. I love women in helmets. Bless them all, it was a good couple of weeks.
Anonymous said…
Intelligent design my arse: If you just give those sequins enough time, they will eventally evolve into dew-sprinkled fiddlehead fern-forms.

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