Did I Mention I Totally Rock?

This is one of those days when I feel like Supermom. I know, it is a shock that I, Ms. Will-I-ever-get-the-hang-of-parenthood, would ever classify any day of my life as one wherein I perform in a capacity which I would consider worthy of a comic book.

Here's how it went down.

I woke up to the sounds of Julian crying, calling for me, demanding to nurse and an awareness that Fred was not in the bed next to me. It was still dark outside.

"What time is it?" I call out, still in the fog of deep sleep.

"Quarter after four," replies Fred.


Perhaps I should offer some background. Julian has been teething for the past few weeks. He cut a tooth yesterday and, when you look at his gums, you see a lot of white peeking just beneath the surface. He must be in quite a bit of pain. He has been waking up in the night and seems to be waking up earlier every morning. Yesterday he was up at 5:15. If this keeps up, he'll push his wake up time to within an hour of his bedtime.

The teething has also resulted in Julian biting me when he nurses, which has subsequently led to me being terrified of letting the little vampire anywhere near my unclothed chest. But, because I know nothing about weaning loving mother that I am, I have attempted to maintain his early morning nursing sessions throughout this difficult period. Which means I am hyper vigilant when he is suckling, a shift from when I could fall sleep during a feeding.

So 4:15 a.m. is just way too early.

Julian came into bed. He nursed and dosed until Fred got up at 5:30, at which point he decided he wanted to be up too. So Fred convinced him to lie back down in his crib with some books. Which Julian was more than happy to do while Fred was puttering around and getting ready for work. But the moment Fred left for work, Julian decided it was time to be entertained by his other parent and began to call me.

I was lying in bed and this is the inner monologue which was running through my head:

What time is it? 6:15. Too early. He'll probably start to wind down at 8:30 and need a morning nap. But we have school today. Well, I guess we could skip school today. Oh, no, we can't, because we are in charge of snack today. (pause) SNACK?!?!

So I was up and out of bed, trying to figure out what I had in my freezer and fridge which could feed ten toddlers and satisfy the unofficial requirements of organic/healthy/not junky foods that are expected of me as a progressive urban mother. Luckily, I went to Stanley's yesterday and had an unopened bag of baby carrots, as well as a few kiwi fruits, and some cheese. My freezer yielded a bag of Trader Joe's frozen avocados. And, what do you know, I had two overripe bananas. So, at 6:30 this morning, I busted out the Joy of Cooking and baked banana bread. And, what do you know, I managed to use organic ingredients.

How cool is that?

This weekend, I plan to try making these


Anonymous said…
Hi Alison.

I am Jackie. I am a mom. I am knitty.

I am reading your blog. I am linking to your blog on my blog (I am hoping that's okay), as I do with other sites/blogs of interest.

That. Is all.

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