Food Porn

I feel so dirty reading this website. Just see how they describe the traditional Easter candies:

Red Fire - Volcano Rabbit (Romerolagus diazi)
Hops in the pine forests near the foothills of the Popocatepetl volcanoes. Rub my belly and you'll feel my spice, Ancho and Chipotle chillies, Ceylon cinnamon, and dark chocolate. Ahreeba, Ahreeba!!

Naga - Black-Naped Hare (Lepus Nigricollis)
In my native southern India, I regularly indulge on the beautiful flowering plants! Bite my ear and you will be swooned to India, curry, coconut and milk chocolate. A must-try for the adventurous sort!

Black Pearl - Ryukyu Rabbit (Pentalagus Funessi) I love to snack on bamboo shoots and Japanese pampas grass on my local Japanese island of Anami Oshima. Nibble on my toes and you will taste my native ginger, wasabi, dark chocolate and black sesame seeds.

Gianduja - Italian Hare (Lepus Corsicanus)
I enjoy the beautiful scenery of my native, Sicily. My long ears help me hear very well and my large hind feet enable me to leap high. Nibble on my paw and you'll see that hazelnuts, almonds, and milk chocolate run in my family! Bon Appetito!

Barcelona - Tarragona European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
I am native to Spain, along the Costa Brava and play among the Marcona almond trees. Nibble on my petite pouf tail and revel in cravings of salt and sweet with Hickory smoked almonds, grey sea salt and milk chocolate.
I hope there is an NC17 label on every box of chocolates.

Yes, I still have writer's block and, as you can see, I am seeking comfort in food.


karrie said…
Oh,but their chocolates are soooooo good!

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