Banned In Britain

I remember going to record stores in the early 80s and the phrase "Banned in Britain" across a record was a selling point. It marked the record as anti-establishment, cool, punk rock. Of course, being so young and so naive, I didn't always understand why a song was banned. I mean, I wasn't confused by the Sex Pistols being banned because I understood politics, but it took me an embarrassingly long time to understand why Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax was banned and then when I did, I was already so jaded by Prince and Madonna that I still couldn't quite understand. Of course, reviewing a list of songs banned by the BBC (thank you Wikipedia) I really have some doubts as to the punk rock cred of such a distinction (Phil Collins) and suspicion is only strengthened by the list of people banned from entering the UK. I could say that this is a sign I am getting old, that I can no longer support the anti-establishment anarchists, but the truth is than even back when I was a disaffected teenager, I only supported the people who impressed me (I didn't have to agree with them, but they couldn't be batshit crazy). So nothing has really changed.


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