Staring at The Swim Team Gets You Killed By A Gang Of Dancing Ninja Men Who Know How To Twirl

Some literal videos are funnier than others. It helps when the source material is so completely bizarre and the production values for the parody are so high. Oh, Bonnie Tyler, that someone could do this with your video almost makes me forgive you for the whole David Copperfield Grand Canyon thing (wherein I believe you wore the same dress that you wear in this video. Babe, you should have made the record company spring for a few more looks. Not that it didn't work for you; no one could rock a white nightgown in 1984 like you, Bonnie Tyler. I'm just saying you come dangerously close to looking like the crazy lady who is always roaming her yard in a bathrobe and slippers).

Of course, now I have the original version of this song stuck in my head. That is painful.

The more I consider these lyrics, the more I feel they have an "Our love was good, but now it's gone sour, but we can be happy forever in the afterlife" vibe about them. Not unlike Sinead O'Connor's Troy (a song I hold near and dear to my heart). I know, everyone says this is a love song and it is so romantic, but as I have noted before, people have a tendency to confuse professions of stalker tendencies with love when it is done in musical form. Turn around if you must, but as far as I am concerned, "forever's gonna start tonight" may top the list of things I don't ever want to hear someone singing to me, especially if, by their own admission, they are not in control of their actions because they are experiencing a total eclipse of the heart.


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