Sometimes, I Am Extremely Immature and Insensitive

The other day, I was hanging out with Dean and he said he felt oppressed by his driver's license photo, which led to him talking about the extremely hot woman who was working at the DMV on the day he got his license. He said she seemed incongruous, like she had been plucked from someplace else and placed within the DMV. I suggested she was a model hired to spruce the place up, that someone may have considered a pretty woman as a cheaper alternative to art. Dean said that it created a lot of confusion with regards to who was next in line as all the guys were letting people go ahead of them in the hopes that they could be seen by the DMV Sexy Lady. I said DMV Sexy Lady sounded like a good name for a band, or at least a song. Dean said DMV Sexbomb sounded better. I said, no, DMV Sexbomb just sounds like a mistake and I proceeded to elaborate:

The terrorists began to spend more time thinking about the afterlife they were promised should their plan be successful and not enough time thinking about the attack itself. The suicide bombers entered the DMV and detonated their bombs, but things went horribly wrong. From the terrorists' point of view, that is. From the people affected by the blast (one hesitates to call them victims) things went horribly right. Jihad never felt so good.


Unknown said…
Next time I go back to the DMV I will (with careful maneuvering) arrange to ask Ms Sexbomb to weigh in on this issue. I know it can be settled with a minimum of bloodshed.

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