As If The Holidays Weren't Stressful Enough

I find this little video giving tips how to survive a holiday zombie apocalypse charming and old fashioned. Not because it is filmed in black and white and set in the pseudo 50s, but because it hearkens back to a simpler time when the undead coming to eat our brains was our biggest worry. Unlike today, when even those who don't have mortgages have to worry about the banks breaking into their homes and stealing all their stuff. Of course, it is perhaps unkind of me to assume that the banks and their contractors are mean-spirited jerks who have been allowed to operate above the laws. Maybe they, like the zombies are just hungry and that is why they are tearing apart people's homes and possessions. After all, this is the season when people make houses out of food type items. While I am no fan of royal icing and gumdrops, this is the season when some people create awesome things people with those materials. These super amazing people made a Fallingwater gingerbread house.

I have never made a gingerbread house, but seeing this makes me want to start experimenting so I can be ready for next year. Because nothing can hold off a zombie apocalypse like gingerbread.


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