I Was Dreaming When I Wrote This

Huffington Post has a post wherein some chick's xmas list is dissected.

My first response was, "Who does this bitch think she is?" My second was, "It's a shame she didn't meet me, I gave a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy bag to Salvation Army earlier this year." My third was, "She really took the message of Santa Baby to heart, didn't she?"

As you may recall, I already covered the first and last thoughts in a blogpost a few years ago. What I didn't say at the time is that one could probably find some mighty attractive prostitutes who cost far less than both the protagonist of the song and the woman whose list was lost on the train (Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, for example). As for the second thought, it is amazing what people throw away, but more amazing is that anyone would buy some of the things they do in the first place (especially if the ugly things whose only function is to serve as some sort of status indicator). Unfortunately, it seems like random man's girlfriend is pretty status oriented, so while there are some nice things on her list, she seems to be choosing labels and cost over aesthetics and value. Which is kindof awesome in this economy. She apparently didn't just grok Santa Baby, she is still partying like it's 1999 (when Sex and The City first won us over and all that conspicuous consumption seemed almost charming.)


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