Pa Rump Pa Pum Pum

As if you needed more proof that The Little Drummer Boy is the strangest/most awesome xmas song ever.

So riddle me this, does Grace Jones being misdelivered to Peewee's Playhouse trump David Bowie appearing as Bing Crosby's neighbor from down the road? Who is more odd, The Man Who Fell to Earth or May Day? Does this video make you want to drink more or less eggnog?

I may have already mentioned seeing Neil Diamond with Maria around the Christmas holidays many years ago. Neil was singing Christmas songs and Maria dared me to scream whenever Neil sang "when we come" because it was the only potential double entendre in the song. I don't know if I successfully completed the mission (we screamed a lot that night). There was also the point when Neil said something like, "Christmas is a great time of year, but my people also have songs to sing" before he sang Hava Nagila, but I briefly sat there thinking, "His people? Diamond? Oh, that's right, the gemstones" because I was so filled with excitement that common sense failed me. If anyone ever offers you free tickets to see Neil Diamond, TAKE THEM!


Tracey said…
I love the oddness that is Pee Wee's Playhouse.

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