Twelve Days of Christmas Music: Is This Christmas?

The Wombats manage to capture the stress and general ennui many people begin to feel about Christmas when they grow up. As a kid, everything is lights and cookies and christmas, but then you hit an age when Christmas seems more like work than anything else, with people expecting time you don't have and gifts you can't afford and the constant threat of having at least one sobbing meltdown in the bathroom while everyone else hangs out in the other room, none the wise (or at least, pretending they are). No one tells you when you are a kid that once you have aged out of believing in Santa, it's all downhill. However, no one also tells you that having a kid means you get to vicariously live through his Christmas joy. Maybe not enough to listen to all Christmas songs 24/7 (NO, NOT THE CHRISTMAS SHOES!), but at least enough to dance around to the ones which express the conflict of trying to navigate all the angst and still maintain one's sense of wonder.

Of course, I have to disagree with them as it is impossible to watch Back To The Future too many times.


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