Twelve Days of Christmas Music: White Christmas

For those seeking a combination of the classic and the cool, artistic self-awareness coupled with nostalgia, here is Iggy Pop singing White Christmas. It is perfect in so many ways-it is a legitimately good rendition, faithful, but with a twist, and it has all the layers that only Iggy Pop can bring to a recording like this. Like Bing Crosby, he has a baritone voice and, like David Bowie, he was doing performance art onstage before it was even a thing--OH MY GOSH, this may well approach Little Drummer Boy levels of awesome! Not to mention that, lately, every time I hear Iggy Pop, I am reminded me of David Carradine in Kill Bill-he's smart, polite, generous, well-spoken, but there is always a menacing undercurrent, an awareness that you should never cross him because he will exact his revenge. Which is exactly what you want in an elder statesman of punk rock and what you want in a Christmas song.


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