Who Am I To Argue?

You May Be a Bit Obsessive Compulsive...

Meticulous and detailed oriented, you have some irrational obsessions.
Maybe it's your super neat closet or washing your hands a gazillion times.
You probably know it's weird, but you just can't stop thinking about it.
In fact, the more you think about your quirks, the more you have to do them.

You mean everyone isn't picky about which fork they use? You mean most people don't feel a need to organize M&Ms by color before eating them? You mean most people are able to pass a store without buying a black dress?

How very strange.


Francesca said…
I'm actually a little hesitant to take the test. Perhaps this is not the week for more insights into myself.

You stopped by my blog, left some really sensible and great comments and so I came here and discovered that: you love Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Possession, The Church, Amelie and so on and so on and that I pretty much could have written your profile. I too am not as tall as I think I am, nor as old as my age.

I am glad you found me. I am happy to have found you.

Black dress? Always.
Anonymous said…
Ha. I would think that if it were true, you'd be nitpicking about the article as well.
Anonymous said…
Beh! You can't be too O.C., if you ask me. Those who aren't are just sloppy!

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