First Day Of School

For the past few weeks, Julian has been waking up at 6:30 am, regardless of when he goes to sleep the night before. While I found this to be earlier than I would like from the perspective of needing sleep myself, I was aware that this would serve us well when school finally started. I figured we needed lots of time because he tends to dawdle over breakfast and hates pants. A 6:30 wake up would give us plenty of time to get dressed, eat, and bike to school by 8:15.

So, today was the first official day of school and Julian slept until 8 am.

Which is funny because last night my mom suggested this would happen.

However, in keeping with the abnormal behavior, Julian ate quite a bit of food (mango, strawberries, tofu, string cheese, half a whole wheat tortilla) and got dressed without any fussing. We drove to school.

Otherwise, everything went really well. Julian didn't like the fact that I wasn't able to stay with him in the classroom, but he didn't cry and demand I stay and/or that he go with me. I had a bit of the "my baby is growing up and doesn't need me anymore" twinge, but I think that has passed. All in all, it went well.


karrie said…
Hooray for Julian!

Hooray for tofu consumption and sleeping until 8! :)

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