Argh! Technology Foils My Evil Plans! (or maybe not)

The above clip is not the clip I wanted to post here and talk about. I wanted to talk about the classic Sesame Street segment There's A Hole In The Bucket (Dear Liza, Dear Liza), about how I loved it so much when I was a child, how beautiful I found the cycle of the song and how I empathized with poor Liza, how she must have been driven mad on an hourly basis by Henry. However, no one has uploaded it to YouTube and a quick google search is dashing my childhood on th rocks (what do you mean it isn't original to Sesame Street? That song is ready made for Muppets!)

So I give you Cookie Monster's brilliant appearance on the Colbert Report. I tried uploading this a few weeks ago, but failed for some reason (say it with me: argh technology!) However, I am getting it to work now (at least, it seems that way at this precise moment in time) so perhaps we should all give a shout out to our robot overlords.


Unknown said…
My car runs on imagination, too ;)

Loved that!!!
thordora said…
I sing that to my kids all the time. :) And remember my annoyance with Henry that buffoon....

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